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Institute of Advanced Implantology

Training dentists from all over the world in the implantology and periodontology field, from basic to advanced level, step by step, to cope with all situations of everyday practice

Available courses:

NO BONE Implantology

Limba: Romana

23-24 Noiembrie, Bucuresti, Romania

Curs teoretic - Tratamentul maxilarului atrofic cu lucrari imediate si fixe ancorate la implanturi conventionale si/sau speciale. Primul pas catre implantologia avansata!

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Perspectiva protetică a reabilitării imediate și fixe a edentatului total

Limba: Romana

13-15 Decembrie, Constanta, Romania

Curs de protetica avansata pe concept All-on-4©/Zygoma - 3 zile de curs, Operatii live, Exercitiu practic (Hands-On)

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Language: English

27 April - 02 May 2020, Constanta, Romania

6 FULL DAYS including » Theory » Workshop (hands-on) and » 4 ``live`` rehabilitations (surgical and prosthetic) of atrophic maxillaries (All-on-4 upper and lower, All-on-4 Hybrid, QuadZygoma)

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Implanturile ZIGOMATICE si TRANS-SINUZALE in tratamentul modern al edentatului total cu maxilar sever si dramatic atrofiat

Limba: Romana

4-9 Iunie, Constanta, Romania

Impartit in 3 (trei) module (1. Teorie, 2. practica si 3. Chirurgie „live”), acest curs ofera un program deosebit laolalta cu practicieni romani renumiti din domeniile Implantologie, Chirurgie Maxilo-Faciala, ORL si Anesteziologie.

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``ALL-ON-4`` și ``ALL-ON-4 HYBRID``

Limba: Romana

17-19 Mai 2019, Constanta, Romania

Acest curs ofera o imagine completa si informatii de detaliu asupra conceptelor si modalitatilor de reabilitare fixa a edentatului total.

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Curs avansat de complicatii in implantologie

Limba: Romana

22-23 Februarie 2019, Bucuresti, Romania

Acest curs dezbate provocarile ce pot aparea in implantologia orala

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Zygoma Course

Language: English

November 22-25 Constanta, Romania

Zygomatic implants and Advanced rehabilitation techniques for fixed rehabilitation of severely atrophic maxilla

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Curs special de implantologie pentru incepatori

Limba: Romana

6-7 Octombrie 2017, Bucuresti, Romania

Vrei sa practici cu adevarat implantologia dentara? Nu rata acest curs! Important: Ulltima zi de inscriere 25 septembrie!!!

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About Institute of Advanced Implantology

Find out more about us

The international Institute of Advanced Implantology (IAI) was founded in 2013 (previously named CPID) by dr. Chemal Taner and his partners to train dentists from all over the world in the implantology and periodontology field, from basic to advanced level, step by step, to cope with all situations of everyday practice.

We are passionate about teaching and use state of the art technology and teaching methods to present the latest scientific, clinical and technical information. Our faculty and team openly share their in-depth knowledge garnered from over 2 decades of private implant practice experience.

The institute mission is to spread 20 years of experience in private practice, focused on implantology. IAI promotes international exchanges between dentists from all over the world in order to contribute to the advancement of oral implantology and to improve the quality of life of our patients, globally.

Our Institute is located in Romania and has 2 main offices: one in the center of Bucharest, the beautiful capital of the country and one on the Black Sea coast, in the beautiful city of Constanta.

Both locations have the most modern clinical and educational facilities. Thus, our courses are particularly interactive and with great emphasis on the practical side.

Participants can experience, depending on course level, from simple interventions for beginners to complex ones involving advanced surgical and prosthetic techniques and special implants, also.
The existence of dedicated surgery areas equipped with all types of anesthesia will bring new knowledge and information to the dentists who participate in our courses.

We assure you that you will have a unique experience by participating in our courses, both medically and socially.

Advanced Implantology Course

Rehabilitation of totally edentulous and atrophied maxilla using conventional and special implants (pterygoidian, zygomatic) and advanced techniques (TotalFix, TotalFix+, PterigoImplants and QuadZygoma).

Special implants and advanced techniques for fast improvement of life quality of the totally edentulous patient with atrophic maxilla.


IAI - Institute of Advanced Implantology

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